RoxaneStaffAndersen, Dr. Roxane – Senior Research Fellow

Dr Roxane Andersen leads the “Carbon, Water and Climate” theme.

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Badmus, Uthman – PhD Researcher

Uthman is undertaking PhD research to investigate how seaweed can be a value added product for the food, drink, and pharmaceutical industry.

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KennyStaffResizeBoyd, Dr. Kenneth – Senior Research Fellow

Kenny is the programme leader for two MSc courses, Renewable Energy Technologies and Developing Low Carbon Communities.

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DaveStaffBraidwood, Dave – PhD Researcher

Dave is a PhD student working on restoration ecology.

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BarbaraStaffBremner, Barbara – Outreach Coordinator

Barbara is a project manager including operational and outreach coordination.

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Commin, Dr. Andrew – Post-doctoral Research Associate

Andrew’s research is based on matching renewable electricity supply to electricity demand.

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Davidson, Magnus – Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme Researcher

Magnus works as a researcher on Northern Periphery and Arctic (NPA) Programme projects.

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JuvenalStaffDufaur, Juvenal – PhD Researcher

Juvenal is a Marine Engineer, specialised in Oceanography in Fluid Dynamics theory and in Offshore petroleum.

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derekscaledElsby, Derek – PhD Researcher

Derek is a PhD researcher studying antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in wildlife.

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French, Dr. Andrew – Post-doctoral Research Associate

Andrew is a Post-doctoral Research Associate working under the theme “Environmental Contamination and Ecological Health”.

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PaulStaffGaffney, Paul – Hydrochemist

Paul works with field and laboratory based water analysis and the interpretation of hydrological and chemical data.

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Gibb, Prof. Stuart – ERI Director

Stuart is currently Director of the Environmental Research Institute and is UHI’s leading professor in Environmental Sciences.

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Gilbert, Dr. Peter – Field Technician

Peter is a field technician facilitating and conducting research under the ‘Carbon, Water & Climate’ theme.

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Gillibrand, Doctor – Senior Research Fellow

Philip is a physical oceanographer with interests in hydrodynamic and bio-physical modelling of the coastal zone.

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 Gleizon, Dr. Philippe – Research Fellow

Philippe is a physical oceanographer and hydrodynamics modeller.

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LonnekeStaffGoddijn-Murphy, Dr. Lonneke – Research Fellow

Lonneke is a physical oceanographer / remote sensing scientist based at the Centre for Energy and the Environment of the ERI.

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NeilStaffJames, Dr. Neil – Post-doctoral Research Associate

Neil is the Project Coordinator of Circular Ocean and is responsible for coordinating ERI’s activity concerning Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme projects.

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DanielStaffJohnston, Daniel – PhD Researcher

Daniel is doing a PhD studying the ecology of black guillemots in relation to marine renewable and marine protected areas.

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EmilyStaffKearl, Emily – PhD Researcher

Emily is studying the potential for discarded marine plastic to be re-cycled as a low-cost sorbent for the removal of organic contaminants.

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NicolaStaffLargey, Nicola – PhD Researcher

Nicola is investigating bird flight characteristics and habitat use to understand ornithological impacts of wind farms.

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MonaStaffLarsen, Mona – Research Technician

Mona is part of the support team with a role that not only includes maintaining laboratory supplies and managing estate works.

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YuanStaffLi, Yuan – PhD Researcher

Yuan is researching how technology can be used to efficiently remove steroid hormones and pharmaceutical residues from wastewater effluents.

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JenStaffLoxton, Dr. Jennifer – Researcher and NERC Knowledge Exchange Fellow

Jen is a researcher and NERC Knowledge Exchange Fellow.

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ElizabethStaffMasden, Elizabeth – Research Fellow

Elizabeth is a research fellow at the ERI, University of the Highlands and Islands.

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MatteoStaffMarasco, Matteo – PhD Researcher

Matteo’s project will use high frequency (HF) radar to better understand the circulation of the northern North Sea.

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JasonStaffMcIlvenny, Dr. Jason – Post-doctoral Research Associate

Jason’s research interest includes the climate change and renewable energy and the environment.

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ChrisStaffNall, Dr. Chris – Post-doctoral Research Associate

Chris is a marine ecologist researching the implications of biofouling and biosecurity in the marine renewable energy industry.

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Niemi, Lydia – PhD Researcher

Lydia is researching the degradation, persistence and eco-toxicity of pharmaceuticals in wastewater and natural water systems.

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O’Hanlon, Nina – Post-doctoral Research Associate

Nina is a seabird ecologist researching the impacts of anthropogenic threats to marine birds.

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AudreyStaffRoss, Audrey – Administrator / Coordinator

Audrey provides administrative support for ERI and is based at our Castle Street office.

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MarieStaffSchläppy, Dr. Marie-Lise – Research Fellow

Marie-Lise is a marine ecologist researching anthropogenic impacts on benthic invertebrate assemblages, especially marine sponges.

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WilliamStaffSimpson, William – Captain of the ERI Aurora

William is the captain of the ERI’s research boat, ERI Aurora.



DashaStaffSvobodova, Dagmar – PhD Researcher / Lab Technician

Dagmar provides laboratory technical support for commercial and research activities and development of analytical methods.

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MarkStaffTaggart, Dr. Mark – Senior Research Fellow

Mark is currently Senior Research Fellow and Theme Leader for “Environmental Contamination and Ecological Health”.

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Todorova, Desislava – Renewable Energy Researcher (NPA Project GREBE)

Desislava works as a renewable energy researcher on the Northern Periphery and Arctic (NPA) Programme project GREBE.

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DiegoStaffdel Villar, Dr. Diego – Post-doctoral Research Associate

Diego is a fisheries scientist researching the potential impacts of marine renewables developments on fish, especially diadromous fish.

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BarbaraStaff2Brown, Prof. Barbara- Associate Professor

Barbara is an Associate Professor at the ERI at UHI following a collaboration with Professor Stuart Gibb on the role of pigments in tropical corals.


Campbell, Ian – PhD Researcher

Ian’s PhD at the ERI will examine the positive and negative impacts of a floating wind farm in Scottish territorial waters.


Hawkins, Prof. Tony – Associate Professor

Tony has a strong interest in fisheries science and is currently Rapporteur to the North Sea Advisory Council.


Tamsett, Duncan – Associate

Duncan’s interests are sonar and sub-seabed profiling in geological, environmental and engineering investigations of the seabed.


Youngson, Alan – Associate

Alan is a part-time Senior Research Fellow at the Environmental Research Institute at North Highland College, UHI, Thurso.