The ERI provides educational opportunities from undergraduate to doctoral level. Our undergraduate programmes attract students from a variety of backgrounds
including school leavers and those returning to education to gain further qualifications. Our postgraduate taught and research programmes attract students from all over the world to study contemporary issues in environmental science and renewable energy.

Undergraduate Courses

We offer four science based honours degrees:

BSc(HONS) Environmental Science

BSc(HONS) Applied Science (subject to validation)

BSc(HONS) Sustainable Development

BSc(HONS) Archaeology and Environmental Studies

The sustainable development degree is entirely online and is usually studied from home. The remaining three degrees are networked, meaning that classes in all the degrees are delivered by lecturers from a variety of different colleges and are also attended by students from a range of colleges. Lectures are delivered by video conference and laboratory and practical sessions are delivered at the ERI by a member of our staff.