Jennifer Loxton


Researcher & NERC Knowledge Exchange Fellow

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+44 (0) 1847 889589

Joined the ERI

March 22, 2014


Heriot-Watt University
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
Marine biology
Dates attended or expected graduation2010 – 2014
Investigations into the Skeletal Mineralogy of Temperate and Polar Bryozoans
Heriot-Watt University
MSc, Marine Biodiversity and Biotechnology
University of Kent
BSc, Biochemistry and Biomedical Science




Loxton J, Wood CA, Bishop JDD, Porter JS, Spencer Jones M, Nall CR (2017) Distribution of the invasive bryozoan Schizoporella japonica in Great Britain and Ireland and a review of its European distribution. Biological Invasions. doi:10.1007/s10530-017-1440-2

Loxton J, Kuklinski P, Barnes DKA, Najorka J, Spencer Jones M, Porter JS (2014) Variability of Mg-calcite in Antarctic bryozoan skeletons across spatial scales. Marine Ecology Progress Series.

Loxton J, Kuklinski P, Najorka J, Spencer Jones M, Porter JS (2014) Variability in the skeletal mineralogy of temperate bryozoans: the relative influence of environmental and biological factors. Marine Ecology Progress Series.


Ryland J, Holt R, Loxton J,  Porter, JS, Loxton, J (2013) First occurrence of the non-native bryozoan, Schizoporella japonica Ortmann (1890) in Western Europe. Zootaxa


Loxton, J, Kuklinski P, Mair JM, Spencer Jones M, Porter JS, (2012) Patterns of magnesium-calcite distribution in the skeleton of some polar bryozoan species. Proceedings of the 15th International Bryozoology Association Conference


Hirst, N., Cook, R. L., James, B., Kent, F., Loxton, J., Porter, J., & Sanderson, W. (2013). The distribution of Priority Marine Features and MPA search features in Orkney waters: Rousay to Copinsay including Eday Sound and points in Scapa Flow. Scottish Natural Heritage.