Magnus Davidson


Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme Researcher

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September 1, 2013

Job Description

I am a Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme Researcher working on a number of projects. My research and interests lie in understanding how renewable energy can lead rural and periphery development in the Highlands and Islands, along with the wider northern periphery and Arctic regions of Europe. My interests lie particularly in marine and wind energy and the socio-economic benefits associated with these industries. I have done wider research in marine activities, marine infrastructure, oil and gas and the policy that drives development in these areas.

I am also a founding member of the 2050 Climate Group – a charity supporting climate activism in Scotland.  


University of the Highlands and Islands: Thurso , Highland, United Kingdom


2013-09 to 2014-09-01
MSc Sustainable Energy Solution (Environmental Research Institute)



University of Glasgow: Glasgow, Glasgow, United Kingdom
2009-09 to 2013-05-01

BSc Microbiology (Life Sciences )


Close-proximity tidal phasing for ‘firm’ electricity supplyRenewable Energy
2017 | journal-article





Setting Ambitious Climate Targets is One Thing, Meeting Them is AnotherPotential Energy – The Politics of Energy in Scotland.
2015-03-17 | magazine-article