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Senior Research Fellow – Theme Leader (Environmental Contamination and Ecological Health)

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+44 (0)1847 889674

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February 1, 2011


2013 – present: Senior Research Fellow – ERI
2011 – 2013: Research Fellow – ERI
2007 – 2011: “Juan de la Cierva” post-doctoral research fellow – IREC, University of Castilla-la-Mancha, Spain
2005 – 2007: Post-doctoral research and teaching fellow – University of Aberdeen
2000 – 2005: PhD Soil Science (Arsenic Biogeochemistry) – University of Aberdeen
1996 – 2000: Monitoring and Investigations Officer (Environment Agency)
1995 – 1996: MSc Geochemistry (with distinction) – University of Leeds
1994 – 1995: FGD Chemist (National Power/PowerGen)
1991 – 1994: BSc (Hons) Earth Science and Countryside Management (2:i) – Liverpool JM University


2000 – 2005: PhD Soil Science (Arsenic Biogeochemistry) – University of Aberdeen
1995 – 1996: MSc Geochemistry (with distinction) – University of Leeds
1991 – 1994: BSc (Hons) Earth Science and Countryside Management (2:i) – Liverpool JM University


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Having joined ERI as a Research Fellow in 2011, I am currently Senior Research Fellow and Theme Leader for “Environmental Contamination and Ecological Health”. Prior to ERI I spent four years in Spain, at the University of Castilla-la Mancha, where I held a “Juan de la Cierva” Research Fellowship. Before this, I spent 7 years at the University of Aberdeen undertaking my PhD (in arsenic biogeochemistry) and subsequently a post-doctoral teaching and research fellowship.


I have >25 years of experience in the environmental sector and have worked not only within academia, but also within industry (in Power Generation/Flue Gas Desulphurisation) and in regulation (having worked for the UK Environment Agency). I hold a broad range of interdisciplinary research interests which are founded on a background in earth science, soil science and biogeochemistry. Current research tends more towards ecotoxicology and the fate, behaviour and effects of pollutants and toxins within the environment. Much of my work involves the use/application of advanced analytical techniques (LC-MS/MS (ToF, triple quadrupole), GC-MS, ICP-OES, ICP-MS, SEM-EDX, XANES/EXAFS, XRF) to answer questions regarding the uptake, transfer and toxicity of metals/metalloids and emerging contaminants (i.e., pharmaceuticals) at higher trophic levels (in birds, mammals, etc).


A primary research theme since 2004 has involved the study of the effects of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), specifically diclofenac, on what are now Critically Endangered Gyps vultures on the Indian sub-continent. This work has been driven by an active on-going collaboration with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. For more comprehensive information regarding this research, please see the “Saving Asia’s Vultures from Extinction” (SAVE) website at


Current Research Interests
• Fate and behaviour of pollutants – specifically in the terrestrial environment
• Classic and emerging contaminants – in particular, metals/metalloids and pharmaceuticals
• Ecotoxicology – uptake and effects, particularly with respect to wild birds and mammals
• Analytical chemistry – novel applications, method development and hyphenated techniques


Current PhD students
David Braidwood, due to complete 2017, “Remediation and restoration of ocean-exposed cliff-top in the context of Dounreay (Scotland) nuclear power plant decommissioning”.
Daniel Johnston, due to complete 2018, “Ecology of black guillemots in relation to marine protected areas and marine renewable energy developments”.
Derek Elsby, due to complete 2020, “Utilising deer to “biomonitor” for antimicrobial resistence (AMR) in the Scottish environment”.
Lydia Niemi, due to complete 2020, “Assessment of the degradation pathways, persistence and ecotoxicological impacts of human pharmaceuticals in the aquatic environment”.
Uthman Badmus, due to complete 2020, “Seaweed as a value added product for the food and drink sector”.
Magdalena Blanz, due to complete 2020, “Seaweed as food and fodder in the North Atlantic islands: Past, present and future opportunities”.


PhD students completed
Andrew French, completed 2016, “Linking habitat characteristics with red deer condition in the Scottish Highlands”.
Manuel Reglero, completed 2016, “Food chain transfer of metals from abandoned mines in the Sierra Madrona-Valle de Alcudia area (Spain) to large game”.
Paul Gaffney, completed 2017, “The impact of large-scale tree felling for blanket bog restoration on water quality”.


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64 research articles published.
3 book chapters published.
Current h index = 24 (SCOPUS).
Total citations = >1400 (SCOPUS).