Matteo Marasco


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The proposed study would focus on using the High Frequency Radar (HFR) data, together with the other available data such as moored current meter observations, to understand the spatial structure and coherence of the Fair Isle Current inflow into the North Sea. By combining the horizontal surface current data from the radar with other sources of observational data and numerical model output, the study will seek to understand the nature of the flow by setting the surface current data from the radar in the context of depth-resolving data. Further data may be gathered over the course of the research that will contribute to the dataset for analysis.

By a thorough analysis of the available data, the project will provide both an in-depth understanding of the temporal and spatial variability in a key North Sea inflow, and a demonstration of the role and contribution that HFR may make to future operational ocean observing systems.


2011– 2013: MSc Environmental Engineering (with distinction) – University of Calabria